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See how fast, strong and explosive you will become with us.  


Our mission is to help athletes of all ages and levels achieve their goal of excelling at their sport(s) of choice.  At ACTIVE ATHLETICS we believe that an athlete’s physical preparedness enhances his or her mental image which equates to improvement in their athletic performance.

The keys to an athlete’s success go beyond the practice and drills they do for a single sport. It takes a depth of skills and abilities to bring an athlete from average to exceptional. Only by improving all parts of the physical system, will an athlete reach the next level of success.

Our holistic approach to training is vital for athletes of all ages, abilities and sports to improve speed, flexibility, strength, explosion, nutrition, kinesthetic awareness and body composition. These variables are important for the sport-specific skills needed to compete while minimizing the potential for injury.

Performance Training

Get your athlete the technical instruction needed to improve their time or measurement.

Active Athletics
13 & Under Track Team

Our youth program provides athletes a foundation that will prepare them for any event or sport.

Active Athletics
14 & Up Track Team

Our young adult program provides athletes specialized training for their event or sport.