- VIRGIL G.


ACTIVE BODY was created to give us freedom, to challenge fears and question excuses. Our passion and enthusiasm for life, love and freedom are infused into our clients through our services. We believe that dreams are possible and that life can be relentless, but ultimate satisfaction is in our ability to stay ACTIVE. 


Virgil graduated from NC A&T in 2007 and since then has been teaching clients to change their lifestyle and reach their fitness and athletic goals. Virgil has experience working with a diverse clientele, ranging from high school students to geriatric clients. As a track coach Virgil works with athletes on a daily basis. Taking an individual approach to all his clients, Virgil believes the best fitness program is the fitness program that is a lifestyle change and one in which you will find enjoyment. Coming to Active Body Design to train will change your life and fitness forever.

Virgil Givens is certified by the Interactive Fitness Trainers of America as a Personal Trainer, CPR/AED certified by the American Red Cross, and is a Kettle Bell certified Level 1 Specialist. Through years of personal experience and study, he provides fitness expertise and nutritional consulting to give you the edge you need in your training. Virgil has a no-nonsense approach to training and development. He aims to provide the most effective methods to build strength, change mentalities, increase mobility, and transform the body. By approaching training as a student, he never stops learning and applying the latest and most effective training methods.